We are advocating for long overdue changes to Ottawa’s transit system that would make it much more reliable, convenient, and attractive for all riders. This will improve service for those who depend on transit and help reduce emissions by drawing new riders away from cars. Further, at a time of large job losses and economic hardship, these changes would increase the number of secure, unionized jobs as part of a just recovery and transition to sustainability.

  1. Make transit fare-free for OW and ODSP recipients
  2. Add 50 buses to the weekend service
  3. Add 40 vehicles to the Para Transpo fleet
  4. Create ‘neighbourhood’ bus routes linking citizens to local services, shopping and entertainment beginning in Vanier, Bay Ward, West Ottawa and Barrhaven
  5. Create dedicated bus-only lanes on the most habitually late bus routes: 6, 7, 15 (was 12), 21, 80, 85, 39, 75 (was 94) and 55 (was 103)
  6. Directly elect the 4 citizen representatives on the Transit Commission and replace 2 of the 8 Councilors on the Transit Commission with representatives of the transit workers union (ATU Local 279)